The Bucharest University of Economic Studies presents

Skills for the Future

In the context of changing economic landscape and the increased process automation, we have recognised the need of current professionals to future-proof their jobs and stay relevant within the working field. This is why we gathered a team of professors with business background, top international researchers and experienced professionals to build education programmes, in order to provide you with the learning environment where you can develop skills which are mandatory for the modern world.

Why the Bucharest University of Economic Studies?

The Bucharest University of Economic Studies is focused on building the experts and leaders of the future. Our graduate and professional courses are capitalizing on our academic quality standards in order to achieve relevant impact, while our network of experts delivers firsthand insights into practice.

The key benefits of our courses are:


All programmes are designed and delivered by the Faculty of Business Administration in foreign languages (FABIZ), one of the most renowned business schools in Romania, which has a strong collaboration with professors from international universities, as well as experts from top companies worldwide.


By becoming a student of our courses, you are gaining access to our network of university and associate professors, as well as specialists which are invited as guest-speakers


Small class size (maximum 30) and high level of interaction with the lecturers and guest-speakers


We emphasize on the practical outcome of the course – we focus on transferring practical skills to each of our participants

  • Digital Communication Strategies and Social Media Analytics

    Digital Communication Strategies and Social Media Analytics is an immersive and experiential program designed for professionals who ...

  • Leadership and Social Influence

    What makes a good leader? This course is meant for people who want to get a deeper ...

  • Design Thinking for Business

    In today’s changing business world, strategies for competitiveness have shifted towards a human-centered design approach. Many companies ...

  • Start-up and Business Venture

    Start-up and Business Venture is a practical program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to launch a ...

  • Effective Communication, Design and Presentation

    This course is for people who need to get their business ideas heard, accepted and implemented. Communicating ...

  • Business Automation

    Business Automation is a program that aims to introduce Robotic Process Automation to college graduates and professionals ...

  • Effective Agile Practices

    You’re actively involved in developing new products & services, yet you feel the way you work does ...

  • Business Analytics

    Business Analytics will help demystify data and strengthen your analytical skills. Beginning with basic descriptive statistics and ...